Discount Auto AC, LLC  Holly Hill  Florida
Discount Auto AC, LLC  Holly Hill  Florida

Welcome to Discount Auto AC

Remanufacturers Of Automotive Air Conditioner Compressors

Welcome to Discount Auto AC

Remanufacturers Of Automotive Air Conditioner Compressors

About Us

Discount Auto AC remanufactured compressors are built with the highest quality OEM replacement parts at our Holly Hill, Florida location.  When it comes to quality we take no short cuts.  At Discount Auto AC we know the only component on your compressor that never stops moving is the pulley. That's why all clutches are resurfaced to a precise match and OEM quality bearings are installed.  The compressor is washed in a high temperature, high pressure, aqueous washer.  It is then placed in our high-speed steel shot blaster where any grease, paint, or oxidization is stripped away leaving a factory finish. We then tear down the compressor, clean and plane all surfaces requiring attention, resize or replace any internal components not meeting quality standards.  Next, R-134A compatible seals, gaskets, and O-rings are installed.  After assembly, all compressors are tested for leaks, noise, vibration, and coil resistance. No compressor sold by Discount Auto AC leaves our facility until it passes all tests.  

Discount Auto AC is committed to providing the highest quality product at the lowest price. Located just 3 miles north of Daytona Beach, Florida, Discount Auto AC specializes in  compressor remanufacturing and has been rebuilding compressors for over 30 years. Our pledge is to provide the absolute finest craftsmanship and dependability.  If you have any questions or comments please contact us at or call: 386-944-5485.


Compressor Rebuild and Return (R&R) 

ONE Day Turnaround Program

Discount Auto AC offers substantial savings by remanufacturing your original compressor. Not only can you save money, you are reducing landfill waste.

  • 1. Simply call us at 386-944-5486 and speak with a technician concerning the problem with your compressor. 
  • 2. Drain as much oil from the compressor as possible and plug the ports. Pack your compressor with adequate packing material paying special attention to protecting the pulley, switches, and plastic parts.
  • 3. Place daytime contact information, including phone number, return address, and email address inside the box with your compressor.  We will contact you with any questions and let you know when your compressor is ready to ship.
  • 4. Write the words "EXPEDITE R&R" on the outside of the box so we can identify it as a Return & Rebuild.

  • Ship your compressor to:

               Discount Auto AC

               1115 Enterprise Ct Suite D

               Holly Hill, FL 32117

All of our R&R compressors come with a three month Warranty  Please do not send compressors that have cracked bodies or significant structural damage. 

Note:  We cannot remanufacture R4, A6, or York type compressors.

Contact Information:


Discount Auto AC

1115 Enterprise Ct STE D
Holly Hill, FL 32117 


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Discount Auto AC, LLC

1115 Enterprise Ct, Suite D, Holly Hill, FL 32117, US

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